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Islam is a very natural and practical religion allowing everyone to take sanctuary in it. Nonetheless, the great amount of ignorance about Islam which is constantly being reinforced by the media and society had actually inspired me to explore this subject.


On deeply getting extensive Islamic knowledge, conducting Islamic studies and research and studying the Islamic History about the early periods of Islam, these accusations about women being suppressed, weak, lacking, deficient, inferior are not true (as shown to us today by the so called “modern and free society and media”). In fact, the women then were not like this at all. They were dynamic individuals who devoted themselves to the spread of Islam demonstrating character and care. In Islam we find lots of women active in all different parts of life.


But suddenly it all stopped! What happened? How and why things changed so much in the last few centuries? Such questions confuse us and make us curious to find answers. These answers and reasons can be debated over and over again and we can list ample amount of causes. But that is not the real aim here.


Regardless of the questions and answers, Jamia Ahsanul Banat is the solution to this problem. This institution is established to recreate that balanced Muslim woman that got lost somewhere in our history. Let us come together to reach this goal in a united way.

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“Allah is our lord

The messenger is our (spiritual) guide

The Qur’an is our code of law

And Jannah is our abode”


For years I have pondered on the role of women in Islam.

How to become a complete, vibrant Muslim woman obeying Allah by being in tune with the unfolding wonder of existence?

How to establish an atmosphere in which all aspects of life of a Muslim lady can be achieved by the implementation of Allah’s message?

Who is more important – a male or a female?

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